Vultr 免费云服务器 政策详解(Free Tier Program)申请图文教程

最近老季登录Vultr账户后台的时候是否有留意在ACCOUNT账户菜单中多了一项”Free Tier Program”。目前还在测试阶段,且如果有符合条件的是可以申请免费云服务器资格的。

Vultr商家这么多年来一直针对新客注册账户有赠送注册余额体验活动,估计这样的活动已经越发视觉疲劳不能吸引到用户,开始尝试用新的营销产品。这里,我们看到的有 “Free Tier Program”活动计划。

从 Free Tier Program 活动计划可以看到是针对符合条件的用户赠送免费云服务器。当然也是新注册用户,这里我们需要有资格申请提前访问免费计划,我们必须有一个有效的用卡,以及我需要开启双重身份验证。





Vultr Free Tier Program

What is the Free Tier Program?

At Vultr, our mission is to support digital business and democratize access to the cloud. One of the ways we’re encouraging global innovation is by enabling individuals, developers, and companies to build and test their solutions for free.

Now more than ever, technology is foundation to how we innovate and problem solve, changing the way we collaborate, design, learn, and even relax. The overwhelming trend is to build, host, deploy, and manage these solution in the cloud.

As the world’s largest independent cloud service provider, Vultr is committed to help drive innovation forward by offering free compute power and cloud-based server instances to eligible applicants.

Who is eligible for the Free Tier Program?

To be eligible to apply for early access to the Free Tier Program, you must have a valid, non-prepaid, credit card on file. You must have two-factor authentication enabled on your account.

To validate your account, it helps to provide additional information. This helps us ensure that you are a real person instead of – for example – a bot mining for crypto. This is not required, but may help validate your account.



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