RamNode 云充值优惠 $5美金起充 新老客户都可以参与 额外赠送50%额度

昨天我们写了 RamNode新品OpenStack云服务器平台开通及主机方案 图文教程 ,刚刚看到RamNode出了博客通知,新老客户都可以充值附送50%额外额度。( 新充$100美金,到帐$150美金)。

至少需要充值 $5美金 到云账户才能参加50%的活动。


注册时输入 CLOUD50 优惠码


$5美金以上金额云充值完成后,提交ticket上面写明“CLOUD50” 即可。


  • 积分将在24小时内到账。
  • 每个用户只能赠送一次。
  • 不支持将普通账户的积分充值到云账户的方式。
  • 只能用来购买KVM,VDS云服务。不能用在OpenVZ服务器上。

Want to give our new cloud platform a try? Already using it and need to add a few more instances? Take advantage of this limited time offer!

Add at least $5 in Cloud Credit and we will match it by 50%!

In other words, add $5 and we will give you a $2.50 credit. Add $20 and we give you $10, etc.

New customers: enter coupon “CLOUD50” when you sign up.

Existing customers: If you already have a RamNode cloud account, add cloud credit and simply open a ticket with subject “CLOUD50“.


  • Credit will be added within 24 hours.
  • Limited to one use per customer.
  • Does not apply for moving general account credit to cloud.
  • Only for Cloud (KVM, VDS) service. Does not apply for OpenVZ VPS.



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